How to Fix A Galaxy S3 Possible Microphone Problem



Hi this is Kanwar,

I’m having this weird problem in my phone (samsung s3), every time I receive or make a call, after few seconds or minutes the person on the other end is not able to hear me (I can hear them clearly) and then after a minute it goes back to normal (both able to hear each other) and then again the cycle repeats. I asked my network carrier and they said everything is working fine from their side. Can you please help me with this issue? Thanks.

It seems to me like this is one of the audio and microphone problems users have been reporting before. There have been reports from users who had broken speakers and microphones in their device. Well, they turned out receiving new replacement units but then again, their disappointments, inconveniences and wasted time weren’t compensated.

There are two things I want you to check first to ensure this problem is not caused by any settings in your phone.
  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps and choose Settings.
  2. Find Accessibility option and tap on it to open its settings page.
  3. Make sure the Turn Off All Sounds option is NOT checked.
  4. Go back to Settings and choose Sound.
  5. Check if volumes are all correct.
Now let’s try to go into the Galaxy S3′s noise reduction option.
  1. From the Home screen, hit Phone and press the Menu button.
  2. Choose Call Settings then Additional Settings.
  3. Uncheck Noise Reduction option.
After doing all these, try to take a look at the hole where the microphone is and see if there is something blocking. You can try to clean it out and see if the problem persists. But when things still fail after these, contact your provider or Samsung to have the device replaced.


To the right of your charging port is a tiny pinhole- this is your microphone. If you're holding your phone with your left hand, odds are very good that you're covering this hole with your pinky, as I was doing. I tried all the other crap: changing settings, cleaning out microphone, but my pinky occluding the microphone was the problem. A shameful design flaw on Samsung's part.


same with mine....a couple of hours of trying all suggested solutions and still no good!! As mentioned above, I´ll take it back to Yoigo (Spain) and they´ll send it away but usually offer no replacement for the 8 to 10 days it will be away.....luckily got a antiquated ´brick´ as a standby!!!


Exactly the same problem with my phone. The microphone was replaced - no change. Something else were changed - no change. I am pretty sure it is not a pinky issue ;-). It usually happens at work where areas of little/no or varying signal strength is known to be a problem. But then again other smartphone users (S3 and Iphone5) experience no problem at all. Any solution or workaround to this problem would be received with great appreciation.


Ok, I tried all your steps here and in the comments. Simple SG3 question: how can the microphone work while recording video with the stock camera app, but microphone does not work during phone calls with the stock phone app? standard phone, no root. all phone parts are up to date, including firmware, etc. something is not right. very frustrating. I hate that modern hardware has a built-in obsolesence, it is so stupid. "Have you tried a factory reset?" No, I really shouldn't have to. Oh, and my lock/power button now has a mind if its own. the plastic button is not stuck, I checked that already. again, the remedy seems to be, "do a factory reset". what a pain. This SG3 is less than one year old and the entire time it's been protected by the best OtterBox case.


Thanks what a great help. Its fixed people can hear me on the phone. This was a quick and priceless solution. Thank you.


My Samsung S3 is one year old and recently began giving me microphone problems because the recipients of my calls could barely hear me, head metallic alien sounds, or have no reception of my voice at all.

I downloaded the newest Verizon software/firmware (mine newest was a June 2013 version) and after the 15 minutes installation was over, I went ahead and unchecked the noise reduction feature under: Phone - Menu - Call Settings.

Drastically improved transmissions!


This was driving me crazy as it happened on three different headsets. I unchecked the Noise Reduction Feature and people can now hear me. Not sure why that made the difference but I can't argue with results.


Guys thanks for the help regarding the mouthpiece on the galaxy s3 it helped me by inserting a pin in the body frame of the phone next to the charging port which was blocked, saved me money going to the repair shop.


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