Apple appeals Federal Court to ban 4 more Samsung Smartphones

It seems like the legal battle between today’s two techno giants, Apple Inc  and Samsung Electronics Co, is far from over yet. This is regardless of Apple’s victory in last week’s court ruling over a patent lawsuit against Samsung. On the August 24th court ruling, Apple has secured a $1.05 billion lawsuit, with a jury finding that Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung has trespassed six of seven patents for mobile gadgets. Yet just recently, Apple is raising a new appeal to a federal court, disputing 4 more Samsung products, which the iPhone-maker claims breaching the patent law.

Prior to this, Apple has disputed 17 Samsung products over patent violation. On its previous documents filed last Friday, Apple requested the judge of a federal district court in San Jose to halt the release of Samsung’s mimic products. If recalled, Apple also filed a relevant lawsuit last April, in which the company urged the court to pull out all Samsung products that are allegedly copycats of their iPhones and iPads.

The latest list of Samsung products which Apple appealed for banning includes the new Galaxy S III smartphone device in the US. It seems like the maker of iPhone is really eager to beat the progressive smartphone market of the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, nowadays.

Here’s the complete list of Samsung smartphones which Apple has disputes on patent infringement:
1. Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
2. Galaxy S II (AT&T variant)
3. Galaxy S II Skyrocket
4. Galaxy S II (T-Mobile variant)
5. Galaxy S II Epic 4G (Sprint variant)
6. Galaxy S Showcase
7. Droid Charge
8. Galaxy Prevail
9. Galaxy Nexus
10. Galaxy Note
11. Galaxy Note 10.1
12. Galaxy Player 4.0
13. Galaxy Player 5.0
14. Galaxy S III
15. Galaxy S III (Verizon variant)
16. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
17. Galaxy Tab 8.9
18. Illusion
19. Stratosphere
20. Transform Ultra
21. Admire
22. Captivate Glide
23. Dart
24. Conquer 4G
Remarkably, despite these seemingly incessant lawsuits, Samsung still managed to retain a good reputation for being the world’s biggest smartphone seller in the second quarter. As what Strategy Analytics has reported in July, a market researcher revealed that Samsung is still holding around 35 percent of the global smartphone market topping Apple at the second slot with around 18 percent. Could this be the reason behind Apple’s boundless lawsuits against Samsung?

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