Glove Tricorder for Breast Cancer Screening

Researchers at Singularity University California have recently released a new invention that will help diagnose breast cancer and other forms of maladies.  It is a prototype device that comes in a form of a robotic sensor glove called the Glove Tricorder.
Basically, Med Sensation designed the latest sensor glove for doctors to teach and train medical students about proper techniques of giving exams. Aside from medical personnel, the robotic sensor glove is also expected to allow patients carry out self-diagnosis at home, sooner or later. Hence, there is no need to spend half a day in a waiting room.
The Glove Tricorder interface is entrenched with special sensors that will help determine vibration, sound and temperature of the body. Sensors are located on its fingers. These are authentic groups of beams including temperature modules, pressure and accelerometer.
As for home screening, individuals will be provided with an interface that would tell them how much pressure to apply. In order to obtain accurate reading, users will be directed on the exact location to place it.
Besides home breast cancer screening, the Glove Tricorder is also projected to be used in diagnosing liver conditions such as liver enlargement or enlarged lymph nodes. With added sensors including ultrasound, Med Sensation’s latest medical glove is also likely to assess abdominal pains, monitor heart abnormalities and other diseases.

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