Guild Wars 2 Post-Launch Updates: First-Party Digital Sales suspended, China Launch Deal revealed

First-party digital sales of the recently-released MMO game published by ArenaNet are temporarily suspended. This means game purchase via GW2′s official website is momentarily disabled. This is the latest update from ArenaNet posted on its Facebook page, a few days after the official release date of the game on August 28th. Along with this update is yet another release from China’s KongZhong Corporation, disclosing a remarkable partnership with ArenaNet. The report talks about a licensing deal which Anet purportedly signed with KongZhong lately, for Guild Wars 2 to go live in mainland China.
Digital Sales Suspension
It is an instant, voluntary move for Anet to suspend first-party digital sales of Guild Wars 2 for the time being, as they felt the need to do it. They somehow realize that their servers could no longer bear the current high player concurrency, which according to the company, may compromise player experience. Safe to say, the game’s publisher opts to prioritize performance over sales at this time.
While digital sales via GW2 website ( are momentarily not available, the game can still be purchased from Anet’s retail partners. A complete list of these retail partners is also available on its official site.
Anet, however, assured they will be re-enabling first-party sales of the game once they feel it is already safe to do it. Though, they have not stated a definite date as to when the service will resume, they said it will be soon. Right now, the team is working around the clock, dealing with and rectifying technical issues that came out since the early access period.
China Launch Deal with KongZhong
Despite the number of customer disputes and launch issues the team receives (and still getting, so far), Anet is already eyeing for a game expansion in China. KongZhong, a leading provider of digital entertainment services for consumers in the PRC recently revealed that the company has just made a final deal with Arena Inc to bring the latest Guild Wars franchise to the online game market of mainland China soon.
On the said agreement, Kong has granted Anet with a license for the purchase of utmost 40 million of Kong’s ordinary shares, effective after the commercial release of Guild Wars 2 in the mainland China market. It is reportedly an exclusive deal valid for 1 year from the commercial launch of the game. KongZhong considers this business among the “largest single new Western game licensing transactions” in China’s marketplace, by far.
Being one of the highly anticipated MMO games around the world to hit China, it is but definitely promising for Anet to boost its market sales significantly, regardless of whether its first-party digital sales for Guild Wars 2 resumes soon or not.

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