Samsung Galaxy Note II UK release slated in October

It is official! Samsung Galaxy Note II will debut in the United Kingdom on October 1. The official announcement was done amidst all speculations that South Korean manufacturer will release its second generation Galaxy Note between October and November.

Other previous rumors suggest that Galaxy Note II will debut in Germany on September 27, Italy on Sept. 28, and Netherlands and France on October 1. These dates haven’t been confirmed by Samsung yet so it may be subject to change.

While the UK release date is official, there is no pricing information available. However, we can estimate by basing it on pre-order prices. For example, Clove UK is offering the 16GB Note II for £440 exclusive of tax. Of course prices may vary depending on the offerings of each carrier.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of the company’s hope to garner good sales projections in the U.S. Thus, it is given almost everything needed to impress both average smartphone users and geeks.

Upon knowing that Galaxy Note II will feature a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, I was really impress because only Samsung offers devices with this much power for fair price. For now, only the UK has confirmed Galaxy Note II release date. There is no information when it would arrive the U.S. shore.

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