Violence sparks in Netherlands following flawed Facebook Invite

An unexpected riot transpired in a Dutch town of Haren, Netherlands late Friday night as a horde of youths suddenly went wild. The group was supposed to be attending a birthday party in the said area at that night but only to find out the invitation they received via Facebook was an error.

A Dutch media report said a teenager sent a birthday party invitation on Facebook for her 16th birthday, a few days prior to the incident. The invite was supposed to be private but it ended up to be a public invitation forwarded to approximately 30,000 Facebook users. Apparently, it was a mistake.

Prior investigation indicates that the celebrant failed to set her Facebook event settings to private, the reason why the flawed invite reached to thousands of FB users, who happened to be partygoers.

At least 600 riot police arrived at the scene but despite this number, they failed to control the rough crowd. As a result, chaos has manifested across the streets where the celebrant lives. Six people were badly injured from the incident. Nearby establishments were also affected. At least 20 people were reportedly arrested after the incident.

A Facebook page labeled “Project Clean-X Haren” surfaced shortly after Friday’s fierce occasion. The page was deliberately created to outweigh the recent incident in Haren. Apparently, the page has drawn curiosity from lots of FB users, as manifested by over 17,000 “Likes” it got on Saturday morning.

This incident simply tells Facebook users one important thing and that is, never mess with the Facebook invite feature.

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