16-year-old threatened to attack ISPs

The creator of a video, claiming that hackers Anonymous Dutch ISPs would attack, appears to have been made by a 16-year-old boy. The National Crime Squad has had a conversation with the boy.

The National Crime Squad is Sunday in talks with a 16-year-old boy who took a threatening video message online. In the video it was said that Anonymous include ISPs KPN, Tele 2 and Ziggo would attack on Saturday, October 13. The providers took additional measures to prevent the customers would suffer from an attack, but on the day itself remained quiet.

According to a Pastebin of the operation, were also targets government websites. Operation English Piratebay, such action would be called, was to cause the blockade of The Pirate Bay by Dutch ISPs ordered by the court.

The teenager took themselves contact the High Tech Crime Team of the National Investigation. He stated that it was a one-man operation started and that the action had nothing to do with Anonymous. He gave not aware of the consquenties of his actions and has apologized both to investigators and in a new video on the internet.

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