60% of Facebook’s 1 billion active users use mobile

Facebook has recently announced to have reached 1 billion users after a few years of being online. It is a new milestone for the most popular social network and as technology continues to grow, it is expected that the figure will also continue to grow. Aside from the impressive number, Facebook also revealed more than half of those users make use of their mobile devices to enjoy the service.

Basically, the 1 billion mark isn’t what excited the CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, it was the fact that more than half of its monthly active users use mobile device in updating their statuses, uploading photos, or liking other’s posts.

Facebook hasn’t released official statistics of how many users simply access the mobile site through typical internet browsers, how many use their mobile phones’ browsers and how many use Facebook’s official app for iOS and Android.

Of course, there is an issue of spam accounts. Analysts say it would constitute to 40% of the total. Nevertheless, Facebook has achieved a really impressive feat that no other social networking websites ever achieved before.

Another thing, 81% of the total active users are neither from the United States nor Canada. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why US ads on Facebook do not really perform well but so far, there is a considerable growth in the past 6 months.

In Asia, the Philippines is one of the third-world countries where Facebook does really matter a lot basically because it is now used as a cheaper channel to communicate with family members working in other countries. But I heard the country just passed a law that could send a user to jail for 6 years for just liking a libellous post. It’s kind of bizarre knowing technology hasn’t fully-blown in that country yet but legislators are already trying to block it. Middle-easterns are also among the people that use Facebook more often.

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