Apple Maps shows secret army base in Taiwan

The Taiwanese government has Apple sent a request to the images to fade.

Apple has a considerable load of criticism, given the Apple Maps application. The main reason was that earlier maps were incorrect and that functions missed. The criticism comes this time from the Government of Taiwan, because Apple seems to be a secret military base to show the cards Apple Maps.


It comes to satellite images of a military base in Hsinchu county. There is on the images include a long-range radar to see. The Taiwanese government will ask Apple to make the images as soon as possible to remove. A spokesman says Apple will ask for the resolution of the images on costs. This has Taiwan in the past to Google asked and answered their time here.

Not the first time

It happens often that countries do not agree with the way mapmakers proceed. Sometimes knocking country’s borders, for example. In 2005, Taiwan already knocking at Google at Google Earth, because the land was designated as a province of China. Taiwan sees itself as no means.

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