Bad Piggies Review

For Angry Birds Bad Piggies fanatics will get used. Where Angry Birds Space already experimented with innovative elements (the gravity of various planets), Bad Piggies go a step further. Because the pigs do not like hard work and Bad Piggies not fired from a catapult. Instead, you must build a structure, you need to transport pigs to the finish.

It starts very simple. You pig start on a hill, the finish is at the bottom. The level you loose on two wheels and placing the pig down the hill to roll. However the game will soon be a lot harder and soon you elaborate constructions to cobble together, who return to adjust to try again. Because just like in the Angry Birds games, you have a level not ‘really’ taken until you have achieved all three stars. And that can sometimes be equally difficult.

It’s definitely a big change between Bad Piggies and Angry Birds. You have no direct control over the pigs, only the materials that you can attach to your structure. That seems simple, but if you constantly fans on and off, burst balloons and let cartons TNT blows, you realize that Bad Piggies a lot harder than at first glance suggests.

Bad Piggies has slightly more than 75 levels. These are divided into three chapters, especially the last, Sandbox pops. These are the ‘real’ levels, where you should get more stars, but wherever you many more tools at your disposal. In order to achieve this, you need to tinker complicated vehicles together, so these levels are a lot harder.

Anyway, Bad Piggies in their entirety are spicier than Angry Birds. Where I Angry Birds games often experienced as difficult by a spastic thumb that caused my birds flew just the wrong side, asking Bad Piggies much more tactical thinking. You must plan well construction have devised a level to pick, what makes the sweeter the reward.

Bad Piggies is a must, if only to see what Rovio has now come up to the Angry Birds series has lost its shine a little. The slower pace makes the game very much good, especially because the game is a lot harder than the Angry Birds games. Only remains that music in the background very long in your head.

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