BioWare reveals release date of Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC

In September there was already talked about in the corridors: a photo at Comic-Con unveiled new singleplayer content for Mass Effect 3. And not just an extra mission, but the largest and most expensive DLC for Mass Effect series so far.

As richly speculated concerning the DLC actually playable missions Omega, the space of the Asari Aria T’loak where players in Mass Effect 2 familiar with the subject. The story continues in the prequel comics of Mass Effect 3, where we read that one General Petrovsky under the all-seeing eye of the Illusive Man conquers space. The DLC works together with Shepard Aria T’loak to the station to win back Cerberus.

More specifically, the fact that in the DLC for the first time a female Turian in the game will be receiving. Now a Elcor that does more than just stand loitering, and I am satisfied.

The Omega DLC consists of a single player campaign which BioWare “twice as large” as the hitherto largest Mass Effect 3 DLC, which they believed to indicate Leviathan. The content is available in Europe on November 28th for 1200 Microsoft points or $ 15, – (and presumably therefore € 15, -) on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Remarkably, the Omega missions were already known before Mass Effect 3 appeared. BioWare confirmed namely that the missions in the first version of the game were, but that they are removed and extended to serve as DLC.

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