Carmageddon for iOS released, offered free for one day

Stainless Games, the iOS title Carmageddon available. If you download this game today, you do it even nothing to pay. So be quick, because from tomorrow you would be a small amount inaccessible.

The gamer with a bit of history will be familiar Carmageddon. The racing game appeared in 1997 and was immediately controversial, since you scored points and time when you drove down casual bystanders. Thanks to various power-ups you could even meaner proceed and for many gamers were reaching the finish line totally unimportant.

The iOS version is immediately a good way for us to Stainless hot to run for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. The budget for this game was to muster through Kickstarter and the game is scheduled for 2013.

The developer has announced that they are so happy that their Kickstarter target, if any, that they have decided iOS game for one day free offer. Nice guys.

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