Fable: The Journey Review

Almost every successful game series comes across it again: there is a spin-off created. In many cases, this is simply an excuse to make a quick buck. Fans are therefore exciting moments at the time of such release. After the disappointing Fable Heroes is not strange that Fable fans hold their breath for the release of Fable: The Journey, as a Fable Kinect game be fun?

For these gamers it’s good to know than their beloved game series it’s not so bad doing a Kinect game. Indeed, Fable: The Journey is one of the few games where Kinect actually most of the time your moves well records. A relief when you consider that the last Kinect game where you could sit a terrible drama.

As Kinect owners will know by now, registration is not spotless. This also applies to The Journey. So yes you after a nice time playing note that registration is becoming increasingly tougher, to a time when you really need to re-calibrate Kinect. Yet this is still better than many other Kinect games. Moreover, The Journey wonderfully good working default settings. It is again what a pity that you do still the default action to run the whole thing to calibrate.

At times when the controls do work, this title is certainly entertaining to mention. It is well to keep in mind that this is not a sequel to Fable 1, 2 and 3, but as I said a spin-off and in this way you should therefore approximate. You play this game during the carefree young Gabriel by just not paying attention is separated from his loved ones. As a result, he comes into even greater problems. Fortunately he is not here all alone and he can always rely on his faithful horse Seren and psychic Theresa. The story that ensues is definitely for fans of Fable very interesting.

This story is not the only direct link with the previous games. The magical world that we are used to from Fable is also very recognizable. The main part of this game you can even little differently than you marvel at this magical and beautiful looking world. Because instead of walking through your Albion move, you will 70% of the time on the drive or shoot from your horse and carriage.

In order to control your horse, move your arms forward or backward so you pull on the reins and the horse knows what you want. Luckily, this driving your horse and carriage almost without problems. This is not surprising, because the path Seren automatically will follow. The only thing you have to do is avoid obstacles, experience points – which deliver for upgrades – picking and very occasionally choose whether the left or right pad in want.

Especially at the beginning of the game may feel somewhat monotonous. Once you’ve bitten through, however, you will notice that as the game progresses this part always interesting. So you settled in precarious situations, whereby terrified off your horse and you have to escort her agile.

As said, you control not only your horse and carriage. So you both from the cart from the ground magic opponents can let go. This can of course just do it by fireballs and such to throw them with your right hand, but you can also opt for a more interesting way. With your left hand, you can directly attack or reflect on things pushing and pulling. This allows you some opponents flatly pull apart, but it can sometimes be funny to an explosive barrel into their heads to throw.

Especially with the different bosses in this title, the battle mechanics to their right. In these large impressive creatures makes the game everything to you as many different movements to be carried out, makes you long for the next boss. However, this game never really hard, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In other ways it is clear that this game is not just for hardcore gamers. So you will have much time to spend on your horse. As with Fable 2 and 3 you can also here that extra attention to your mate. You can enter your horse, brushing, drink and his wounds heal. It is therefore clear that they’re here again want to attach to the animal. To some extent this will happen to many people, but by the somewhat forced way it is put, the band will still be less strong than in the other Fable games.

Also in terms of life’s Fable: The Journey considerably shorter than the other titles. After about nine hours, most people have gone through the story. After this there is still the possibility to play arcade mode, where you can go for high scores and achievements. The story again playing, you could do some extra collectibles and the roads you have not taken, but generally most people will not have this need.

Something else remarkable about this game is the choice for him at all to translate into Dutch. While many gamers find it disgusting as a game Dutch is spoken, does Fable: The Journey not so bad. If you really can not stand, you can also the game is still set to English. This allows you to also use voice commands, something that works very well.

However, players will notice that despite the linear nature of this game there are still some bugs in it. Fortunately, these are mainly visual glitches like textures not loading and a subtitle that remains until again what is said. Generally it will hardly affect your gaming experience.

With Fable: The Journey Lionhead has made a brave attempt to make a hardcore game for Kinect. Maybe it’s not the sequel where so many people are waiting, it is The Journey Kinect game that is interesting for hardcore gamers. Though you have little choice and the game is quite linear, this title after about two hours suddenly quite interesting and fun. Especially the bosses have the right to the highlights of this game called. All in all, this is a title for Kinect owners certainly worth considering. Keep always bear in mind that the registration will not be perfect, but the environments and story increase contrast, far above the other Kinect games out. The Journey will play a feast of recognition for fans of this game series.

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