HTC One X, HTC One S Jelly Bean Update On Queue For October Roll Out

Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, officially confirmed that two of its One Series devices will be receiving an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this month. HTC One X and HTC One S will soon be put on par with other smartphones in the market today running on Android’s latest version. However, the company didn’t specify when the exact date of the roll out will begin but it positively confirmed it will happen this month, October.

As much as many would think an update from Android 4.0 to 4.1 is just an incremental upgrade, there would still be hundreds of improvements, tweaks, bug fixes and new features that will be added. Needless to say, devices released with lots of features like One X and One S will surely offer even more than they were advertised.

One good thing about HTC devices is that they always come with custom HTC Sense user interface making it even more appealing. Thus, we can expect that once this update will start rolling out, it will come with a new version of HTC Sense; currently, Sense is at version 4.0.

The October roll out is intended for the international variants of the said devices. Jelly Bean updates for both T-Mobile and AT&T variants in the U.S. are yet to be announced. But based on the history of HTC’s update rollouts, there might be just a week difference.

Source: HTC

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