Just Dance 4 Review

‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life. No, I never felt this way before “, it sounds through the speakers. Unfortunately Patrick Swayze no longer with us, but in Just Dance 4 he virtually back to life as in the song of the movie Dirty Dancing. Now there is little else in the dance game ‘dirty dancing, but in this one you can see the number of Baby summer love reliving well as the precise movements from the film be imitated. On that caress-the-armpit-move and lift after it.

Whether you prefer the role of the tough Jerry have or do sweetly as Cynthia, you choose if you only own dances which figure you want nadansen. On the attire of the dancers on the screen you will see soon who is who and that applies to all numbers in the game.

That’s pretty much what Just Dance 4 entails. The game is very focused on parties and is not very complicated. You choose a number from the row over forty songs, select which character you want nadansen if there is more than one and you can start.

At Just Dance 4 it is necessary for a number twice, because the explanation is unsatisfactory. While in other dance games such as a brief description of a few words with each move is used in multiple images is explained that Just Dance just a statue of a standing figure with here and there some arrows to show how the movement should.

The biggest problem is that in seven out of ten cases is not clear what the intention is. Moreover, the icon so late and then as short as in the picture, you are actually better to just do the dancer image to imitate the song and then only twice to play.

Anyway you play songs often, because there is a nice addition to Just Dance makes you even on the Wii, which I’ve played the game, a kind of achievement-like system gets. Below each game you namely six challenges (Dance Quests) show, ranging from achieving three stars for the entire choreography or a specific motion properly execute a particular piece of text from the song. It works better than in many other dance games. These games usually offer just a collection of songs you can dance without it – besides achieving a high score – a nice reward attached to it.

Even if you achieve those challenges, you get yet another reward for Just Dance-known experts Mojo. If you get enough points, you will be complemented Mojo bar and every time it is full, then a sort of wheel of fortune appear in which you must press a button to stop it. It may just be that you have the ability to unlock songs on “shuffle” response, which they continue non-stop. Very nice if you have a party.

Are you a gamer who mostly just dancing, then you will be happier with the free play of a dance battle. Here you play against an AI dancer and you should ensure that your movements better than he / she. It is a new addition that I do not find very thrilling. It pays more to loose songs themselves dancing and all those Dance Quests inside rakes, then against a “computer” to play then they have to choose the winner.

The added value is not great and I’d prefer the Simon Says-held mode, which now (with the 8 player mode and a few other modes) is removed. There is a Just Sweat mode where you are on the songs from the game fitness movements can do. In itself nice, but there was in the 80s aerobics asked to quickly split into a lie. Remember, this game you play at your own risk.

If you play the game the way on Wii buy, you get the Puppet Master mode in the game so you can determine which moves the GamePad your friends should do. In the Xbox 360 version of this game – you play with Kinect – is the Just Create mode again built for building your own choreography can shoot. On the Wii are no special extras and I therefore recommend to the game on another console to buy.

The reason I say this is not so much the extras that you miss and interesting Puppet mode for the Wii, because it is very interesting if you’re alone Is gaming. Because I had the feeling that the Wii extra hard with the Wii Remote to be swung to these movements but good to get through the game. Although the Wii was the first console that ‘motion gaming’ allowed for the general public, I would recommend the console less likely for a dance game like Just Dance.

In Just Dance, it namely very upbeat songs to which you have to jump a lot and hard with the legs to get busy. Since the Wii Remote only your right arm through the records, you do not have to do that busy jumping, so you without much enthusiasm in the struggle to throw it touts many points. Now that avid gamers not an issue, but if you are with others Is gaming and very merry everything to perfection while impersonating another only with one arm swings and earn more points, you can generate frustration.

The console which I’ve played Just Dance 4, may not be my preferred for this game, Just Dance 4 is another good dance game from Ubisoft. It is unfortunate that many modes are taken out, as this remains a somewhat bare game over. Still, you will find that you go through the nice Dance Quests to get more and more free play and that makes the game richer. Moreover knows Just Dance 4 a perfect blend of wrong numbers from decades ago, including Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up with popular and contemporary songs and music from all over the world, including the Dutch with Two Unlimited Tribal Dance.

Here and there, there is some overlap in terms of movements with Just Dance Dance Central biggest competitor in sight, but otherwise the dance movements enjoyable and fun to perform and they usually connect well with each other. In addition, Just Dance 4 does not take itself too seriously and there are funny moments in such a superhero after Rick Astley’s song ascends to fly and almost immediately on his nose gets. It is good to see that Just Dance 4 less party-oriented and thanks to the Dance Quests increasingly attractive for solo players, but I hope that in Just Dance 5 slightly more emphasis on fun game modes so that the game is more extensive. Maybe one mode to the motion along flashy icons to understand?

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