Russian Orthodox Christians think Apple logo is blasphemous

Apple, being one of the most recognized companies in the world, often receives criticisms. Among the most recent ones has its focus on the issue that its logo–a bitten Apple–is considered blasphemous by Orthodox Christians in Russia. As crazy as it may sound but Apple’s logo is reportedly reminding these group of people of the story of Adam and Eve as well as the entire concept of original sin. Some of these people would cover up the trademarked Apple logo with a cross whenever they see one and that leaves me to think they don’t own any Apple device. If they do, then we can easily know them if we see a cross on the logo on their device.

The bad thing is, the Soviet Church is planning to pass anti-blasphemy laws. If it becomes a reality, Apple’s sales may be affected considerably or it could block Apple from selling products in Russia unless it changes its logo. For us here in the US, it doesn’t really matter. It is just funny for me to think that technological innovations will be blocked because of some people’s belief. I do respect Christianity as I am a Christian myself, but I guess these Orthodox Christians in Russia are thinking so radical. Here are two of the reasons why I think all of these is plain stupidity:

    The bible says of some kind of “forbidden fruit” but not specifically apple. The fruit was used to illustrate or give graphics to the story that majority of the Christians believe was true. The point is no one really knows if it was apple that Adam picked in the story. What if it were a pear, a mango or even an banana?
    The story of Adam and Eve is a myth. Bible scholars (or people who think they know the story of creation first hand) invented the story just to be able to provide the “point of origin” of all human beings.

So, what do you think of it?

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