Samsung is working on giving 2013 devices 3GB RAM

There are photos being circulated online through blogs suggesting South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, is planning on releasing devices in 2013 with 3GB RAM. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to know that smartphones that need this much RAM would have to cater to tons of processes and complement with the processor. Most probably, devices with this much memory would come packed with quad-core processor clocked at a very high frequency.

Sam Mobile, a website dedicated to bringing the latest news and rumors from Samsung, published a photo showing Samsung-branded devices with “3Gb RAM” label. If it is legit, then the company will be setting a higher benchmark next year. While other manufacturers may find it difficult to catch up, it would be good for consumers as mobile devices will achieve a higher standard but competition will bring the prices down.

Because of this report, I’m thinking maybe Samsung is planning to release Samsung Galaxy S IV after all. Last month there were reports suggesting the company will launch a follow-up of its Galaxy S3 in February. Although it has denied such rumors, everyone knows it needs to release a device early next year to counter iPhone 5′s popularity after the holidays.

To further speculate on this, if Samsung would be releasing devices with 3GB RAM, then it may use its own Exynos system on chip or Qualcomm’s. It should be a quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz. The display should be using Super AMOLED technology and, at least, 5 inches. The battery should be 3000mAh or more and capable of NFC and LTE connectivity.

The thing is, year after year we see Samsung’s devices have considerably huge upgrades as far as specs are concerned. So, it would be modest to think that the new device should provide, at least, 40% of performance boost than what Galaxy S3 is currently offering.

Samsung has yet to confirm this rumor, though. Let’s wait and see what it has in store for us.

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