Slim Bean ROM now available for Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300)

Slim Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S III is now available for download for those who are into flashing custom firmware into their devices. It could be the lightest ROM based on the latest Android 4.1 available over the web today. The person behind this great innovation said that he had to take away all the bloatwares from the stock ROM just to make it lighter than ever and to free some precious storage space inside the device.

During the flashing of the ROM, however, owners still have an option to choose and install default apps and features. But considering that this is a custom ROM, there might some unforeseen issues with the device it will be installed on. The thing is, there were already several GS3 owners who attested to the stability of Slim Bean ROM. Then again, this is for people who want to take the risk to make their phones cooler than they could imagine.

If there is a group of people who almost do not get enough time for sleep due to their dedication is bringing more alternatives to the people, that would be XDA Developers. So, all credits must go to them for creating this comprehensive step-by-step guide in flashing Slim Bean to Samsung Galaxy S3. Special mention to krarvind…


    Have a Windows PC ready.
    Your Samsung Galaxy S3 should have unlocked bootloader and ClockworkMod Recovery installed.
    Make sure you have necessary drivers to support your device installed on your computer.
    Enable USB debugging on your device.
    Make sure you have duly backed up your most precious data, files, contacts and messages.
    Download the following files: Slim Bean ROM, GApps (Google Apps) package and Fastboot package.

How to Flash Slim Bean ROM to Galaxy S3

    Connect your phone to your computer and copy Slim Bean ROM and GApps packages to your phone’s internal memory.
    Extract all contents of to a directory in your computer that you can easily find. Look for boot.img file and transfer it to Flash_Boot folder.
    Now turn your Galaxy S3 off and boot it into Bootloader Mode.
    When you’re in Bootloader Mode, select Fastboot Mode and connect your phone to your computer. You should be seeing “FASTBOOT USB” after doing so.
    Go back to Flash_Boot folder in your computer and look for flash-boot-windows.bat file. This will flash the required kernel and during the process, the window may automatically be closed. If not, then you should be seeing “OKAY/finished” message and you can manually close the window.
    After the required kernel is installed, turn to your phone and select HBOOT to go back to the main bootloader menu.
    Choose Recovery to reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
    Now, choose the following: Wipe data/factory reset and Wipe cache partition and remember to confirm your every action.
    Go back to main menu and choose Advanced and choose Wipe Dalvik cache.

10. Continue to Mounts and Storage and choose Format/system.

11. Get ready to install the ROM: choose Install ZIP from SD card, then Choose ZIP from SD card and find Slim Bean ROM you copied into your phone just a while back.

12. Wait until the flashing is finished. After that, flash GApps in the same manner.

13. Go back to main menu and Reboot system now. Wait until your phone is up and running before doing anything with it. Remember, it would take around 5 to 7 minutes before your phone is completely ready for use.

That’s it! Congratulations for taking the risk but you now have a faster Galaxy S3. Let me know if this tutorial has helped you by leaving comments below.

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