Two new Far Cry 3 characters revealed: Citra and Dennis

While we are waiting for the release of one of the most anticipated video games from Ubisoft this year, new revelations and facts are being unfolded to the amazement of Far Cry 3 fans. Just recently, two new characters have been revealed that would play a large part in in-game scenarios. They are Citra and Dennis.

Citra is a seductive and mysterious woman character in Far Cry 3. She is the leader of Rakyat tribe and a sister to Vaas, who is another character with a great role to play. Citra’s greatest concern is to lead her people and gain great power being the leader. She is considered mysterious because she only shows herself to someone worthy enough to stand in her presence.

Dennis will serve as your guide in the Rook Island. He will, primarily, show you around the island to teach you ways to survive. He will also be the one responsible in showing you the way to the heart of the Rakyat tribe simply because he embraced the Rakyat cause.

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