Next generation LTE chips will be more energy-efficient, support VoLTE

Recent reports suggest manufacturers of 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) chips are on a quest to making their products more energy-efficient. Last year, people have seen many devices packed with very powerful chips but only a few offers LTE.

This year could be more exciting for geeks as manufacturers promise to release not only their most powerful devices but also fastest in terms of data transfer. For mobile devices, LTE is the only way to attract geeks who are after superfast internet connection.

Another thing that we can expect to become popular in 2013 is VoLTE (voice over LTE). Bringing voice over LTE network sounds simpler but this is one of the challenges LTE chips maker will face because it will drain battery faster.

Making energy-efficient chips that support VoLTE might become the next big thing this year but it entails a lot of work for the manufacturers. It will also eat a lot of time of development for both hardware and software developers.

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