Best Android App for Lovers, Spy Your Love

Here’s a cool app designed for lovers who wanted to keep track of each partner’s everyday move. Introducing the Spy Your Love, a free Android app that works for both lovers to monitor each others partner’s SMS, Facebook messages and phone calls in real time.

Spy Your Love app also comes with a paid version, which offers more functions than the free version.

Interesting as it is named, this Android app works in a way by allowing users to see 30 characters of every SMS passed by his/her partner to other people. These characters are likely from random places. It also allows users to view call history of their respective partner’s mobile. Moreover, the Spy Your Love app also provides users with statistics of their every partner’s activities in Facebook.

In order to work accordingly, both partners have to have the Spy Your Love app installed in to their Android devices.

Intentionally created for lovers to use, this app also requires both partners to opt for the same right to view each others SMS, Facebook activities and Call logs.

Among other key features of this app are as follow:

1. Allows users to view 30 characters of every SMS their partner sent or received.

2. Allows users to view Call History of their partner, comprising of the names saved in their contact list.3.

3. Allows users to view statistics showing Facebook conversation including name and number of messages every day.

4. Allows users recover the very last message of each Facebook conversation.

5. Gives users real-time update of everything their partner did on that day. Real-time update here means only a few seconds after each partner gets call, SMS or Facebook message.

Spy Your Love is also capable of forbidding each partner from hiding any FB activity, Call or SMS. Hence, it is going to be no cheating for both lovers.

Spy Your Love’s free version comes with limited features hence, users should note that it can only track up to 5 calls, 4 FB and 2 SMS per day.

According to the developer of the app, users should not worry about any security matter, particularly in terms of private data of each users involved. The Spy Your Love creator also warrant all records older than 2 weeks will be deleted automatically. Also, names, numbers and messages are all encoded by secrete code, which is only made known to you and your partner’s app.

Decoding of messages can only be done by your partner and nobody else.

To keep all users’ data are secured, the app also allows all communication protected,. This is made possible with the SSH, in which users will not be required to use any log in information including passwords. Therefore, users should have no worries on the danger of password stealing.

While the Spy Your Love app for Android is primarily schemed for such purpose of preventing and detecting cheating of both partners, it is not fully proven to entirely preclude cheating among lovers yet. But then again, experts still deemed the app very good.

Spy Your Love free and paid versions are available for download at Play Store.

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