Does Your Galaxy Note 2 Reboots When You Copy Text


There is a common issue that plagued all Samsung devices with TouchWiz UI: the device reboots whenever the user copy texts. This is due to the clipboard bug that could be triggered by copying text to the clipboard. More often, the device lags, hangs or freezes once it comes into play. The only way to resolve it is doing a Factory Reset. Of course, third-party developers were able to learn rooting can be the perfect way to solve it, too.

Problem 1: My Galaxy Note 2 lags and freezes every time I copy a text from a browser. I couldn’t do anything if it does that. I need to reboot it so I can use it again. 

Problem 2: My phone, Galaxy Note II, now reboots almost every 15 minutes. It started last week when I was browsing a website and I copied a text for my research paper. I don’t know what happened. I was thinking perhaps Samsung is very keen to plagiarism that when it detected I was copying a text, it sends a report. Help me. 

Solutions: These problems are the same, basically. The phone behaves this way because of the known clipboard bug. It can be triggered by copying a text from the browser. It is called a clipboard bug because once texts are added to the clipboard, it serves as a short-term memory for copied texts, the phone reboots. There are different outcomes; others reported their device became totally unusable, others say theirs became so slow. The fact is this bug has never been fixed yet. Neither Samsung nor Verizon released an update to fix it. It is widespread to all Galaxy devices or any Samsung device that uses TouchWiz UI.

The first solution is a Factory Reset, although the bug can be triggered again in the future by copying texts to the clipboard. Some users, however, reported that after doing the reset, they could copy texts without experiencing the same symptoms. This solution is recommended for users who don’t want to have their device rooted.

The second solution, which comes highly recommended by third-party developers, can be achieved by rooting and doing the following:
  • Install Root Explorer.
  • Navigate to directory “/data/clipboard”
  • Select ALL.
  • Delete ALL.
  • Open Settings and find Application Manager.
  • Touch ALL tab.
  • Look for TestServices.
  • Clear Data, Remove Updates
  • Reboot.
Of course, there are some risks involved.

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