Glass Smartphone to emerge before year 2013 ends, says Polytron Technologies

Polytron Technologies Inc., a Taiwan-based company specializing on electronic and optical-vision glass products recently disclosed an interesting prediction, claiming that in late 2013, smartphone featuring transparent glass would become available in smartphone market. To back this prevision, the company showed off a prototype smartphone engineered from a light piece of glass.

In an effort to encourage OEMs to consider such kind of technology product, the phone is being showcased in its early stage but with no running software yet. Polytron is confident that smartphone makers would become interested in creating products using its special glass merchandises.

Based on the revealed prototype, not all parts of the glass smartphone are invisible as its cards, batteries and camera are entrenched externally. But according to relevant reports, the concept could change in the future design stages, when such phone heads further towards production. As earlier planned, all components of the phone will be concealed with a darker cover.

The prototype glass smartphone is purportedly utilizing the glass technology with Polytron’s special glass that could transmute from a cloudy-white, translucent barrier to an optically clear state, all by itself. Amazing, isn’t it? This is made possible with the genius minds behind the firm’s glass technology. For those who are wondering how it works, the company also provides an explanation, saying:

“The ordinary refractive index of these liquid crystal does not match that of the polymer, and the incident light is thus scattered, resulting in a translucent state. When an electric field is applied across the material, the PDLC droplets re-orient so that the extraordinary refractive index of the liquid crystal matches that of the polymer. Therefore, the incident light can pass through, resulting in a transparent state.”

Polytron Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Polytronix, a U.S.-based company manufacturing patented product Polyvision™ Privacy Glass to the Taiwan-based Polytron. The company is committed to keep technology in the forefront by designing new unique optical vision glass products and forms of material of quality at the highest level supplied to high-end home and office decorating firms.

Polytron has been known for producing a transparent USB memory stick, which will go into production any time soon. When rolled out, this USB stick will come in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB variants. An LED is purportedly embedded into the USB to allow users be aware that the device is connected and properly working. No word on its pricing yet.

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