Google to introduce Game Changer Motorola X Phone at I/O event

Sounds like the typical smartphone ballyhoos but latest rumors seem to back prior assumptions about the introduction of yet another powerful smartphone entrant from the American telecommunications company, Motorola Inc. Recent claims suggest that Motorola will soon be rolling out a “game changer” X Phone, with promising features never seen on the existing handsets.

Motorola X Phone’s creation was first hinted through a job posting searching for a product manager who will work with the team in-charge on its design. Given only a few details are there to back its existence, the X Phone was more likely just a pure assumption among Android fanatics online. But not until this week when an Australian electronics website, SmartHouse published a report talking more about the so-called game changer device by Motorola, which is purportedly embedded with a software engineered by Google.

Besides having Google-built software, the much-anticipated Motorola X Phone is also thought to launch with several new features that are not yet seen on any of the available smartphones nowadays. Having this said, many Android users are already looking forward to having a first share of such a game changer smartphone by then.

Early rumors have said the X Phone will likely be officially unveiled at the Google I/O event in May.

Experts are now anticipating that the new phone will debut as a flagship for the next Android version, Key Lime Pie.

With Google’s name being tied to its launch, expectations are already set high for the Motorola X Phone, which according to prior reports will head towards an official release this July. It will then become available in the Google Play Store.

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