How to deal with error code 97 or texting error on Sprint Galaxy S3


Numbers of Sprint customers have upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone plan ever since its price was trimmed down to $49.99 for Sprint network subscribers, from the original cost of $699.99. It’s an exclusive deal for those with a two-year contract with the carrier. At first, everyone was thrilled and pleased to own the white and blue 16GB third-generation Galaxy S variants but such mood has changed following the occurrence of different types of errors on the device. One of the common errors encountered by numbers of Sprint subscribers after the upgrade is the error code 97 or texting errors, in which users cannot send text messages to any numbers.

Error Code 97 Description

Error code 97 denotes a network error or sign in failure. This error is commonly experienced by subscribers with their brand new Galaxy S3 from Sprint. Some will be prompted with a message that says “Please wait a moment and try again” when they attempt to send a text message while others can receive texts but cannot send one to any number (outbound texting).

One of the workarounds a technical support from Sprint would suggest is to check the phone Settings and/or Update Data Profile. While this process may work on others, it too might not, given other surrounding factors that could affect the user’s wireless network.

Possible Solutions

1. Check on current outages.

As part of the standard procedure, a technical support representative will check for any possible outages that could affect the nearest towers in your location. Note that outages are a common cause of network deterrence or interruptions, so it is important to check on the outage board prior to troubleshooting. If outages do exist, then you have to wait until the underlying problem is fixed or repaired and see if the service is back up and running as expected. In this case, asking for an ETA could help lessen your ire.

2. Refresh your Airave.

Sprint Airave functions as a signal booster, designed and offered by the carrier to warrant its every customer with a great wireless experience. In some instances, outbound texting problems can also be resolved by simply refreshing the Airave device. This is applicable if you just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and then prompted with the error codes 97 and 34 by the time you send a text message to any number. Here is how you refresh the Airave device.
  • Turn your Galaxy S3 on to aeroplane mode.
  • Unplug the Airave device for about a minute or two. Be sure to only unplug the Airave. Leave your router or GPS on.
  • After two minutes, plug it back in and wait for all the four lights to become solid.
  • Turn your Galaxy S3′s aeroplane mode off.
  • Try sending a text message to see if it works.
3. Configure/Re-configure Airave settings.

If the number 2 solutions won’t do good in your case, then you may need to configure or reconfigure some basic settings of your Airave device. Configuration here means that you have to add your new phone number to the “white list.” This is necessary especially if you just got your new smartphone added to your wireless network. The problem however, is not with the Airave but rather lies with the Galaxy S3 itself.

4. Reset Airave device.

Note that unplugging the Airave is totally different from resetting it. If the unplug and plug in measure still won’t work, you try doing a reset on the Airwave. Before you do the reset, be sure to turn your Galaxy S3 in to airplane mode.

To reset the Airave, look for the reset button and hold it for at least 30 seconds until it’s off. Typically, the reset button is that tiny hole found on the backend of the device, towards the top. Tiny as it is, you need to use a paper clip to press the reset hole and hold it for 30 seconds, then release. Let the Airave completely reboot. When you see all lights in solid green, turn your Galaxy S3 out of airplane mode. To see if this works good, try sending a text.

If by all means, the above solutions won’t rectify the issue, then you should contact Sprint’s customer care immediately and have them escalate the matter to the appropriate department.

Those who don’t have an Airave yet should contact Sprint to check availability of the device in your area.

There have been numbers of errors associated with Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3, in which the majority isn’t predetermined. These may be due to the many software updates that are being rolled out to handset these days.

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