How to Fix AT&T Galaxy S3 Battery & Charging Problems


This post deals with ways to solve AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 battery and charging problems. Explanations, solutions, fixes and workarounds are provided here so as to help our fellow Galaxy S3 users under AT&T network.

The Galaxy S3, all variants, comes with 2100mAh battery pack. That is a considerably huge battery for a smartphone. If it is running in normal condition and not overused, the battery can last days before a recharge is required. However, since the phone has a lot of cool features, there is a tendency that the battery can be drained for just hours. Not to mention its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, this is more colorful and vivid than any other displays in the market today.

Many AT&T subscribers reported that their batteries last less than eight hours and that’s alarming to know considering the device got really good reviews for being energy efficient. There were reports that Galaxy S3 was not accurate in giving battery data and statistics. Tech enthusiasts recommended clearing those statistics from time to time to fix inaccuracy. That could be just the problem with your Galaxy S3 right now.

There is also this theory suggesting that the device’s battery is more often not fully-charged even if the phone says it is. There was a group of users who did a test on it. They take the battery out and left it unused for an hour just to make sure it cools down and that electrons settle. After that, they reinserted the battery, turned the phone on and recharge it until it was full. They then unplugged the charger, turn the phone off and plug the charger again for the next couple of hours.

The explanation behind it is that, the phone can detect when the battery is fully-charged. If it does, it then closes the circuit to stop charging. If it remains plugged after that, it actually uses the power from the charger and not from the battery. However, when it is turned off and remains plugged, the charger could continue charging the battery until it’s really fully-charged. There’s no risk of overcharging because the charger itself has its own way of detecting whether the battery can still accept more electrons or not.

If you’re one of the owners who often complain about having their batteries drained faster, try the step above, or follow this procedure:

How to Fully Charge Galaxy S3 Battery
  1. Take the battery out for at least an hour, then reinsert.
  2. Charge Galaxy S3 until it says the battery is full.
  3. Unplug the charger and turn the device off.
  4. Re-plug the charger for yet another couple of hours.
  5. You can now use your device.
How to Conserve Galaxy S3 Battery

There are also other things you can do to conserve battery:
  1. Adjust screen brightness.
  2. Minimize data syncs.
  3. Turn off location services.
  4. Turn on power saver.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if not used.
  6. Check for software updates.
If the problem persists after doing the abovementioned steps, try calling AT&T and have the phone checked by their technician. There could be some problems with the battery or your charger.


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