How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 That Runs Very Slow


This post deals with issues why the Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes so slow over time. It is almost expected that every smartphone will, somehow, deteriorate in terms of performance after months or years of usage. However, it seems like the Galaxy S3 has the tendency of slowing down after just 3 months of use; that’s actually what other users experience. There are, of course, other factors why the device runs so slow at times; they would also be addressed in this article. So, read on…

It is one of the most common problems for all variants of Galaxy S3 that over time, the device lags and freezes occasionally. A hardware problem may be the cause of this issue, or it could be a software malfunction. Just like the previous problem, users are advised to diagnose it carefully so proper solution will be given to the device.

For this, try to check the hardware first. It could be that the device is overheated. Try to turn it off first and take out the battery. Let it sit for a minute or two to cool things down a bit then turn the device on again to see if it is still running slow. Overusing the device will make it considerably hot inside causing lags and freezes because the CPU and the GPU attached to it cannot function properly because of the heat. The battery performance can also be disrupted by unusual heat. If you continue overusing your device, there is a tendency you’ll fry the motherboard.

If the problem is not the hardware, then it is with the software. First thing to do is check if some apps are doing it. There is a possibility that the TouchWiz UI is the culprit. If the device freezes more than it lags, follow the instructions below:

How To Solve Galaxy S3 Lags and Freezes

Warning: Clearing TW Data will delete all your save home screens, settings and customizations.
  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to find Applications Manager.
  2. Choose “All” tab and find TouchWiz (TW) from the list of apps, once found tap on it.
  3. Tap on Clear Data button.
  4. Going back to the list of applications, tap on “Running” tab.
  5. Force stop every app you see in there except for system apps.
  6. Reboot the device and see if it still freezes.
How To Clear Galaxy S3 Memory

If the problem continues, do the following:
  1. Touch and hold the Home button.
  2. Choose Task Manager.
  3. Touch “End All” to force stop all running applications.
  4. Touch RAM tab.
  5. Tap on Clear Memory button.
If this fails to solve the problem, consider doing a factory reset.


My Galaxy s3 isnt even 3 days old, along with my husbands. I personally havent added any apps and no apps are running nor have been running. Yes overheating is an issue but isnt the reason the phone is so slow. Is there any other causes? I cant even google surch B4 getting fed up and aborting. My nintendo 3DS isnt this slow. Please help!


What service provider did you receive your Galaxy S3 from? I have one with Verizon and we recently received an update that causes all kinds of havoc. My phone never got hot until this update. My battery life is bad since the update as well. The phone is now much slower since the update. I think something is being overworked in the software and causes it to use more resources to perform such as battery power (more battery power causes the warmth) and those actions also causes the phone to be slower. I haven't found a solution yet but if you have Verizon you're not the online one.


Note!! Clearing data from TouchWiz deletes all your screens including home screen. So you will need to re add all widgets, apps and folders and basically resetup your phone. Next time, give people a warning about this!


I know right! ....I would have never the cleared TouchWiz data if I knew that was going to happen


I had the same problem except it was a different website that advised doing this and they, too, didn't warn anyone what would happen once you clear the touchwiz data. It took forever for me to get evening back the way I had it. Luckily, the App drawer still had all of my apps and widgets. The problem was getting all of my home screen set back up the way I had them. It was a very long process because I couldn't figure out how to move more than one app at a time from the app drawer to the home screens. I wouldn't have done it either of I had been forewarned!!


Yeah, I noticed that about the TouchWiz after I done it. Uuugghh. I had everything organized too. Gotta do it all over. lol. Another thing you can do that helps a lot is hold down the button on the bottom of the screen until all the windows pop up that are running in the background, Slide your finger across each one to clear it, then once all is cleared, you may have to hold the button back down, but anyway, you will see at the bottom a circle, a google sign & a trash can. Click the circle and clear memory. This WORKS.


All these, except for a draconian (and lenghty) "factory reset" are failed fix-ups that try to mask the fact this device DOES slows down consireable after a couple of weeks, no matter what you do (or don't do).

It doesn't have to do anything with the SDs cars (I have none installed), overheating (if the device is beign turned on after a wjhole night's sleep, for example, it shouldn't have time to even get warm) or even hardware failure (it never freezes). It's just lousy-designed apps or even the TouchWiz that aparently starts accumulating crap files (temps) that bulk-up the operating system in hopes of doing the most basic of tasks and trying to report to each meddling app that wants to know how you're calling for how long and so; just like Microsoft Windows, that no matter how well yuo set it up, it steadily slows down to a crawl after a factory-fresh installation. There has to be an alternative, since this is based on Linux and on those desktops the OS manages to gracefully keep its "freshness" for nearly a year without any overhauling.

For me, the ONLY fix-up so far for this is to do a Kies backup, perform a factory reset and restore everything BUT the "miscellaneous" backup and start setting-up everything from scrath (!). A real pain the butt, but it works.


The answer is to get an Apple product.


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