How to Get Galaxy Note 2 Detected By Computer

One of the ways to update Galaxy Note 2 is via the Samsung KIES. However, some users find it difficult to connect their device to their computer because the phone cannot be detected. Here are some ways on how to get the Galaxy Note detected by the computer.

Problem 1: I tried connecting my Galaxy Note 2 to my Windows computer but it’s not detected. My computer says ‘Device Not Recognized’ although I was able to connect it with my friend’s laptop who also happen to have a Note 2. Why can’t I connect my phone to my own computer? Can you explain that to me, please?

Solution: Your computer actually answered your question. What you need are drivers so your phone can be understood by your computer. Whether you want to pull down an update or just copy/paste files from your phone’s memory, you still need drivers.

Some communities online, especially third-party developers, are offering a package for free that contains necessary drivers for your phone. Just try googling “galaxy note 2 drivers” and you’ll see an unending list of those websites. We refuse to link to any of those because we haven’t tried if they were safe or free from malware, so download them at your own risk.

Alternatively, we recommend you use Samsung KIES instead. It is a freeware built by Samsung itself for its customers. Once installed, all necessary drivers needed for all Samsung devices will be installed and KIES is also an alternative way to pull down updates if over-the-air updates fail you.

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