Galaxy S3 Lock and Ringtone Problems


Hi.. I am having two issues with my phone. 1 being that after missing a call my screen won’t lock unless I restart it. 2 being that my downloaded ringtones don’t always ring. It can have the sound all the way up but it will show its ringing with no sound! Any updates or anything I can do? I love the phone otherwise.


Kelly Stauffer

The first problem that Kelly told us about here can be interpreted in two ways:
First, when she (yea, Kelly’s a lady) misses a call in her LOCKED Galaxy S3, the device refuses to lock itself back right after the ringing. It is natural that the phone, even if locked, will unlock to give users active buttons to ‘Answer’ or ‘Reject’ calls but as soon as the call ends, it will automatically lock itself back.

If this was the case, there is a possibility that it is a bug. After so many searches, I haven’t found one in any forums that a user reported this kind of problem. If it is indeed a bug, there is also a greater possibility that a software update will fix this. But it could have been better if Kelly did give us more details like when this problem started or if she is using some kind of a third-party app to replace the stock phone/dialer in her phone.

Second, after the missed call, the Galaxy S3 doesn’t lock itself automatically even if the timer was set to initiate lock at a specified time.

For this problem and if this was the case in Kelly’s phone, then the best thing to do is to clear the stock clock app’s data. In Android system, the only app that has direct access to the timer is the clock, so clearing its data for this problem may just be worth it. However, all your alarm settings will be cleared out, too.

As for the ringtone that doesn’t ring, please double check if everything is set the it should be. We haven’t heard of any bug or issues with ringtones in Galaxy S3. We tried to replicate the problem and see if the downloaded ringtone WON’T play on our end, but it plays. As workaround, we recommend you to use a third-party application called Ringo: Custom Music Ringtones and see if it fits your needs.

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