How To Fix Galaxy Nexus 7 That Is Not Charging Properly


Charging problems are a common problem. Other devices don’t really have problems even if you drained the battery. The Google Nexus 7, however, is a little different. When the battery is completely drained, users may not be able to see an indicator saying the device is charging. And this makes other users worried.

But let me tell you more about why the indicator doesn’t show up. When the battery is completely, that means no single electron is being released from the cells, naturally the tablet is also completely dead.

Even when the charging unit is plugged into an outlet with the device on the other end of the cable, it would take time before the indicator shows. But provided the charger is okay as well as the battery, it will recharge the cells the moment you plug it in.

If you want to be sure if your tablet is recharging, here’s what you can do to make that charging indicator come out:
  1. Connect your tablet with the charging cable and plug the charging unit to an outlet.
  2. When everything is set, press and hold the Power button until the screen flickers then immediately press the Volume Down button (while holding the power button). You will see the word start with an arrow around it.
  3. Press the Volume down key until you see the Power off option, press Power to choose it.
  4. When your tablet shuts off, disconnect the charger for a while and reconnect it. This time, you will be able to see that indicator you always long for.
What happens here is that you powered up the tablet using the charger as the power source. When necessary components are electrified, the indicator shows up because there is enough power to display it on the screen.

It is always advisable to use the original charging unit with 2A rating. Using other units with lower rating will make charging time longer than usual or it would never charge at all. You can also charge your tablet with your computer or laptop but it would also time.

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