How To Fix A Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 That Won’t Turn On

Reader’s Problem: Last night I had a message the battery was running low and to recharge it. So I turned it off and plugged it in.  This morning, I tried to turn it on, but the screen remains blank.  Am currently charging it again, but there was no charging message in the beginning, as usual.

One thing about charging problems is that, sometimes, they are more complicated than you think especially when you don’t know what went wrong. In the case of our reader, I am seeing a possible charger problem. Well, it became obvious when the user said there “was no charging message” displayed on the screen.

Normally, any smartphone would be powered up when you plug the charger as it becomes the temporary source of power. What I want you to do is unplug and re-plug your charger and press on the power button to see if your tablet comes back to life. If it won’t, then there is a greater possibility that the problem is with the charger.

Of course, we will advise you to have an appointment with a technician to have the charger checked as well as the main unit. But before that, trying putting a pressure (using your thumb and index finger) on the area where the camera is located while the device is plugged in and try powering it on. There have been a lot of reports from Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 owners lately suggesting that pressing the camera area would help resolve power problems in the device.

We haven’t checked whether battery terminals are located in that area inside the tablet but it seems that majority of power problems in Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 are caused by loose connection. That is based on reports and testimonies of users who have already experienced this problem. Of course, it needs a lot of proving and the only way we could possibly prove that is to inspect the placement of components in the tablet and we don’t have the luxury to do that.

There is possibly no way for us to know what the problem is and why our reader’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 wouldn’t charge. But we believe, sharing this information would be a good start to troubleshoot such problem.


Same problem with a brand new Samsung Galaxy 3.


a few months after dropped my galaxy tab 2 it wouldn't charge. So my dad bought me a new charger and we tried putting pressure on the camera and it turned on but it didn't go to the lock screen. How do I fix it?


My problem is my tab 2 10.1 always restarting how to fix it?


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