Most Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy S3, How to solve them? [Part 1]

Samsung has been recognized among the techno-giants, fabricating high-tech gadgets, including its recent flagship Galaxy S3 Android smartphone. Originally, the S3 was designed great and made even better with the recent software update, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This update has granted speed boost to the S3, along with a number of goodies embedded in this software pack.

While it is irrefutable that many people from around the world have been fascinated with the Galaxy S3, based on the millions of sales it posted during its first 100 days in market run, more and more Galaxy S3 owners are now complaining about different things, errors and glitches they’ve encountered while using such a powerful Android handset, to date.

Highlighted below are the most common problems Galaxy S3 owners have encountered while using the device. We’ve also provided some solutions or workarounds, in an effort to help you or anyone having such problems.

1. Problem on Battery Drain

Many Galaxy owners have been complaining about what they’ve discovered lately with their S3 handsets. Surprisingly, some people have experienced battery drain on their smartphone even when it is not in use.

This problem typically exists on the international version of Galaxy S3. But there are also some reported cases with the U.S. version, when people have experienced an actual battery drain on the Galaxy S3 while in standby mode.

Among the most common factors that impact battery drain on the Galaxy S3 would include having apps running in the background, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi mobile data and a turned-on push email function.

Battery drain problem on Samsung Galaxy S3 can also be associated with carrier issue or simply because you are getting poor service at home. Your browser, email or LTE are also among the possible culprits.

Possible Solutions:

a.   Browser. If you suspect the problem is caused by your browser, Chrome, then try to work on it. Select Settings, then go to Developer Tools. Locate and uncheck the Enable Tilt Scrolling option. Some people said that by doing this, you can save more battery life on your S3 handset.

b.   LTE. You can also save more battery by turning off LTE on your smartphone. To do so, select Settings, then More Settings. Under Mobile settings look for Mobile networks and then choose Network mode.

A pertinent theory says that the S3 battery drains faster as it keeps searching for an LTE service in the area. This is purportedly one possible reason why those S3 owners in areas with no LTE services have experienced battery drain problem with their Galaxy handsets.

As recommendation, turn on Wi-Fi service all the time as it requires less power than connecting to a mobile network. But a downside in this case is that, you need to be within range of a Wi-Fi network. Searching for a connection will also cause your S3 battery to drain fast.

c.    Apps. If you think the problem is caused by certain apps, then work on the apps. Many people thought that the preinstalled app by Samsung could consume a lot of battery life even if they are not in use.

Reportedly some users ended up solving the issue by disabling their Samsung account and some Samsung apps. If you’re up for this workaround, then you can check your phone’s Settings, then Applications manager. Locate and select the All tab for you to disable Samsung Account, along with Samsung Backup, Samsung Cloud Data Reply and Samsung Apps.

Other people also recommend disabling anything else on the list that is not useful. But if in case you’ve encountered any problem by disabling these services, then it means you have to enable them again. [To be continued in Part 2: Most Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy S3, How to solve them?].


My phone is always draining the battery life. I could never figure out how to fix it. I just recently tried the wifi thing and that works pretty well.


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