EA to shutdown Facebook-based social games in June 2013

A quick heads up is given to all Facebook-based EA social gamers as Electronic Arts officially disclosed its plan to shut down some of its social game titles on the leading social media network. Among the games that are scheduled to retire in June 14th this year include Pet Society, SimCity and The Sims Social.

The move to switch off EA’s Facebook titles is said a means of letting the company keep the cash while some are saying it could be an implication of the game publisher’s restructuring plan.

But according to EA, the move to shut down some of its social games is because they are seeing only a few users have been playing the game. It further noted that both the amount of activity and number of players had significantly declined.

Basing on the history of social games shutdown, EA’s own move is not surprising.

If recalled, Zynga also did the same thing when they shut down some of their own Facebook titles, as the company opted to move away from Facebook.

EA however has promised to carry on offering other Facebook games that users would love. PopCap games like Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Bejeweled Blitz and Solitaire Blitz will still be available. This therefore denotes that while EA shuts down some of its popular games on Facebook platform, the company will not be leaving Facebook at all. But then again, this still implies a real game over to Facebook users playing the soon-to-retire EA titles.

This therefore is the best time for all Pet Society, SimCity and The Sims Social gamers on Facebook to make the most of their every game experience before start wrapping things up in game. After all, June 14th is fast approaching.

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