How To Fix Galaxy S3 Problem With Headphone Jack


This post addresses one of our reader’s email. Here’s the actual email and our response to it.

Hi Seber Tech Team,

I am having the following 2 concerns with my Samsung Galaxy S3 I was hoping you could help.
First, when I plug in a headphone, only 1 speaker works. I have tested that headphone on other phones and it works fine. When I plug in auxiliary cable I only get sound out of 1 speaker, however, if I slightly pull the auxiliary plug out of the other end connection then I can get it to play in both speakers. I’m not sure why this is.

Second, the voice to text feature is inconsistent in that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and gives a message that it can’t connect with Google at the moment. I do have the setting set to download offline speech recognition but I still have this happen periodically and about half the time I use it
Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated


The Galaxy S3 has the typical 3.5mm headphone jack with four sections. This problem seldom happens when you’re using the original Samsung headphones/headsets. When you’re using just any 3.5mm headphones, there is a possibility audio pins cannot touch the right headphone contacts. That is why you have to pull the plug out a bit to produce a stereo (left and right) audio. I photoshopped a picture below just to give you a clearer explanation why using typical 3.5mm jacks may often lead to audio problems in Galaxy S3.
About the Galaxy S3 voice to text (VTT) feature, well, you’re not really alone. Many have also been experiencing the kind of problem you mentioned here. A developer I talked to about this problem said that it’s more of a server problem. But it could also be a connection problem because users who use mobile data to connect to the internet can experience the problem more often that those who are using Wi-Fi.


Could you please add the picture again? It seems to be lost after system upgrade.
Thank you.


The headphone problem doesnt fix even with the suggestion given above...I am facing problem with the original Samsung s3 headphones


this wasn't a fix at all. yes it was an explanation as to why it doesn't work but it doesn't fix the problem.


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