How To Fix Google Nexus 4 Wi-Fi Authentication Error


If you’re reading this post it could be that your Google Nexus 4 cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network that you used to connect before because there’s an authentication error bugging you or your phone simply cannot go through “Authenticating…, Connecting…, or Acquiring IP Address…” prompt when you try to connect to a network. These problems are actually the same it’s just that some units will immediately return an error message while others would continue to try to connect.

The Wi-Fi Authentication Error could be a simple problem especially if the network you’re trying to connect to is your own but it could also be more complicated than you think especially when you’re just trying to connect to a corporate or public network.

We have received at least 52 emails regarding this problem so we have to do a research and replicate the problem as much as possible. At least, 50 people may be experiencing this problem in the U.S. right now but there could be more.

Out of 52 emails, 26 said the problem occurred after they updated their software to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from Ice Cream Sandwich. We tried replicating this problem to the extent that we sought help from an expert to manually flash the original ICS ROM then flash the official Jelly Bean firmware but to no avail. So we think it’s not a bug after all. If you’re experiencing this problem right now and have control over your network, here’s what we can advise:
  1. Turn off your router for about a minute then plug it back on. This will refresh your network.
  2. In your phone, try to “Forget” the network you often connect to and let the handset detect the network again.
  3. Once the network is detected, try to connect.
  4. If you cannot connect after that, try a different Authentication type. Based on reports, the WPA2 authentication may be causing this problem. Try using WEP or an open connection for now. See if you could connect.
  5. If all else fail, then it’s time to do a factory reset ONLY after you’ve backed up everything in your phone. As much as we hate to recommend this, there’s no other option.
For users who cannot connect to a corporate or public network, try the following:
  1. Check if you have the correct passkey. You may want to ask the administrator for it.
  2. Since you have control over the network, all you can do is try to forget the network and reconnect.
  3. You could also reboot your phone to refresh its memory and everything inside it then try to reconnect.
  4. If you can’t connect after doing everything on your end, give up and find some other network you could connect to. There’s no point in ruining your day over a faulty Wi-Fi connection. It may sound a bit sarcastic but it’s true.
We did our best to find a bug that others are saying about but we’ve consulted a few developers who have vast knowledge as far as Android coding is concerned and they said there’s no bug in the official Jelly Bean firmware released by Google. So, aside from procedures we presented above, there’s nothing else we could do.

But rest assured we’ll continue with our research. We will update you as soon as we can find new information.

That’s all for now folks! I hope that somehow we have helped a little in this problem.


cool - step 1 - 3 = no more errors

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I updated to 4.3, this happened. I was very scared because this happened to my last phone, and is why (partially) I got a new phone. But 1 to 3 worked like a charm. If it fails me in the future, I'll be back, but until then, thank you thank you thank you.


Im having this problem with a Galaxy Nexus 4.3 after I had to replace my home router (Apple Airport Extreme). IM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. Im typing in the correct password and everything. I don't want to do a factory reset as that never solves any issues and with android, theres no easy backup like ios. I end up losing a lot of information, especially apps that can't get saved - so levels, high scores, everything gets lost. This is going to be the final straw to make me get an iPhone…Just can't take it


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