How To Fix HTC One X That Shuts Down Automatically


One of our readers emailed us asking help to fix the automatic shutdown problem he is currently experiencing with his HTC One X smartphone. According to him, the phone shuts itself down while he was playing a game and there was no apparent trigger or cause. In the last couple of days he said he experienced the problem more than 5 times already so he suspects the phone has developed some problems.

It’s not actually the first time a user reported an HTC One X automatic shutdown problem. In fact, when you pay a visit to some technology/mobile communities, you could encounter some users asking what’s wrong with their phone.

The thing about automatic shut off problem is that it could be triggered by a lot of things.


Overheating. Smartphones are hardwired to shutdown when one of its components overheats due to prolonged, extensive usage. Gamers are often ones that could usually experience this.

OS Updates. Following the trend of users who have reported to have experienced this problem with their HTC One X, we found out that many of them said the issue occurred shortly after they’ve updated their device.

Bad Apps. Not all apps are compatible with your device and not all app updates guarantee a smooth experience. So, either you have installed a new app or updated one with compatibility issues.

Drained Battery. Well, most likely you’ll know if you’re battery is about to be drained or still has a lot of juice left. However, in some cases that the phone projects wrong battery statistics, a drained battery could be the cause of the shutdown problem.

How To Fix HTC One X Shutdown Problem Due To Overheating 

When your phone shuts down without apparent reason and you feel like it is unusually hot or you may have been using it for so long already, then it is most likely that the device is overheating. Here’s what you need to do if you think this is the case:
  1. Wait for a minute or two then switch the Power button on again and see if the device will turn on. If it does, at least you know it’s not the battery. However, sooner it would shut itself down again as heat reaches its threshold so better if you turn your device off just after knowing its not battery problem.
  2. Let the HTC One X rest for at least fifteen (15) minutes to cool it down then you can turn it back on but don’t run heavy apps just yet. Give the device a break for an hour or two.
So far, for this phone, there’s nothing more you can do than it shuts down itself due to excessive heat. And don’t play games with the phone if it’s charging because the heat it would acquire is twice as much.

How To Fix HTC One X Shutdown Issue Caused By OS Updates 

In some cases, your phone may run into a few inconsistencies following a major operating system update. Many users reported to have experienced this problem after updating their OS from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to 4.1 Jelly Bean, although there were also some who reported after a minor update.

There are actually two thing that might happen to your device after OS update; it might go into boot loop or reboot itself few minutes after being active. Having talked to one XDA developer, I was able to get the picture why there is greater possibility an Android device would automatically reboot after an update. Some directories are messed up or the new system couldn’t find them because there is a new architecture being implemented. So, users are advised to clear those dependencies and let Android cache newer ones. Had your phone been rooted, you can clear the dalvik cache via recovery mode. However, for non-savvy users, the hard reset will solve this problem. Here’s how…

Reminder: Please note that following the procedure below will delete everything in your phone including media files and other data that were part of the original setup of the phone. Better make a backup of them before taking the first step.
  1. Press and hold both VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons.
  2. Once the screen turns on with three Android images, release both buttons.
  3. Press VOLUME DOWN to choose FACTORY RESET and press the POWER button to confirm.
Wait until your phone is fully rebooted and active. That should solve the automatic shutdown problem caused by OS update.

How To Fix HTC One X Auto Shutdown Problem Due To Apps

Majority of the cases we know about automatic shutdown problems that were caused by apps happen because some data are corrupt. Basically, resolving this issue would revolve around the app that is causing the problem. Here’s what you’re going to do if this happens…
  1. Try to remember apps you’ve recently installed that may have caused the problem.
  2. Once you have your suspects, try disabling them one-by-one to know which one messes up with your phone.
  3. When you find the app responsible for the problem, try clearing its data first and see if it would cause an auto shutdown. If it doesn’t, then the problem is resolved; if it does, continue with the next step.
  4. Try uninstalling the app. This would solve the issue for sure. If you need the app, however, try reinstalling it. The good thing about reinstallation is that you’ll be downloading the updated version.
  5. The last resort would be a factory reset.
Lastly, if the phone shuts down automatically due to drained battery. Well, use your common sense and recharge its battery.

Let us know if this helps. You can also email us at for your problems and questions.


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