How to solve Acer Iconia W700 problem with Wi-Fi that often disconnects


Officially launched in October late last year, Acer’s Iconia W700 is regarded among the latest Windows 8-powered computing devices representing the hybrid tablet/desktop, otherwise referred to as modular small PC. This means that W700 can be used as a normal Windows 8 tablet or as a normal touchscreen PC with a docking touchscreen and Bluetooth keyboard.

The device is entrenched with a Wi-Fi dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth standard 4.0. Overall, the Acer Iconia W700 tablet is often regarded as a thing of beauty. But not to those who are having problems with the device later on.

There have be quite a number of issues and problems encountered and reported by many Acer Iconia W700 users and one of these is the problem on its Wi-Fi service that frequently disconnects or often described as intermittent wireless connectivity problem.

Problem Scenario:

“I’ve bought an Acer Iconia W700 tablet a few days ago but for some reasons, the Wi-Fi network disconnects so often. I got no problem with the connection when I’m near the Wi-Fi router but when I go to my living room my connection status becomes limited or worse, disconnected. It’s really pissing me off, because all I can do is only up to opening Google, search for something and then suddenly the Internet is cut off. I was thinking of returning the device but I’ve decided to consider it my last resort.For now, I’m looking for some help from anyone who knows of any possible solution to my problem. Appreciate any help.”

Possible solution/workaround:

If you haven’t called Acer techical support yet, then you may try the following workarounds. Basing on the problem scenario, it may indicate a driver issue, particularly those with .225 drivers. In this regard, you may need to install a new driver for your tablet to get a descent Wi-Fi connection even when you’re far away from the router.

Provided below this page is a workaround that may help resolve the issue regarding intermittent Wireless Internet connectivity.

Note: This workaround works on the Iconia W700 i3-2365M with Intel HD3000 as well as with Clear MS Windows 8 64bit.

1. Run setup.exe from the driver folder and click uninstall.

2. Reboot the tablet.

3. After the reboot, uninstall all Bluetooth drivers from Windows Device Manager. DO NOT restart the device yet.

4. Install the new driver and then restart your tablet. The highly recommended driver for Iconia W700 is the .234 driver available at the Acer website for download.

You may conduct a speed test on your device to see the changes afterwards. To perform a speed test, just log on to

If the speed test result you have is still not good, or you still keep getting an intermittent wireless connection, then you should contact Acer technical support as soon as possible to escalate your issue to the appropriate department. They should have all the tools needed to get your Iconia W700 Wi-Fi problem solved.

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