Apple iPad Mini official launch set on October 23

The iPad Mini will be officially launched on 23 October. Claiming at least the generally well-established gadget blog AllThingsD based on anonymous sources.

We do so many rumors about a smaller iPad, it is virtually certain that he will come. If that was so far still the question. Earlier it was assumed that the machine would be presented on October 17, but there were also rumors about a change to the design of the device. This would explain the slight delay.

About the device itself is not very well known, although the concept of a small iPad course not hard to imagine. Presumably it has a 7.85 inch screen, it is thinner than the current iPad and comes with a Lightning-port instead of the familiar 30 pin connector of yesteryear.

If the rumor turns out to be wrong and the iPad Mini before the end of the year in stores, Apple can probably count on a lucrative fourth quarter. In September, the company launched its new iPhone, which already sells like.

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