Galaxy S3 Cannot Detect SD Card or External Storage Problem [HOW TO FIX]


Our reader was having problems with his SD card saying his Galaxy S3 cannot detect it. Consequently, he couldn’t transfer files from the internal memory or create a backup of files he wanted to be secured. SanDisk is the brand of the SD card he bought and it seems like we already know what the problem is. Here is the actual email our reader sent us and below is our recommendations on how to fix this problem, or at least, remedy it.

I was extremely happy with my Galaxy S3 until all of the sudden it stopped reading my SanDisk Ultra 32 GB micro sd card. I have taken it out of my Galaxy S3 and re-inserted it but my Galaxy S3 cannot detect it and not allowing me to mount my memory card. My phone internal memory is almost maxed out and i do need all the information readily available. My main reason i purchased my Galaxy S3 is that there would not have been any need for external memory devices such as a USB. I also do not trust the cloud backup services.

I am in desperate need of once again enjoying all the conveniences of my Galaxy S3.

Kindly assist.


There are a lot of possibilities here and we will try to find which one causes the problem.

Ensure SIM Card is Well-Connected

The first possibility is that it may just because of a loose connection or corrosion. For this, try to do following procedure:
  1. Ensure the MicroSD card is well-connected with the phone
  2. Take the microSD card out.
  3. Using a soft, dry and clean cloth, wipe the connectors “softly.”
  4. Re-insert and the card and see if it’s detected by the S3.
If it’s not detected yet, try to insert a small (perhaps the same size as the card) piece of paper on top of it to press it down a little more. This would ensure a connection between the card’s connectors and phone’s pins is good. Yea, it may be a little unorthodox but it always helps.

Try to see if it’s detected after that.

If the card gets detected “consistently” after doing the above procedure, then the problem was because of a loose connection. You better keep that paper in there.

Ensure the card can be read

One problem with microSD cards is that they always have the tendency to get corrupted over time especially for users who often take them out of the holder. Try the following to know if everything can be read inside the card:
  1. Take the microSD card out.
  2. Using a card reader, see if your computer can read from it.
  3. If your computer can read it, try to backup everything.
  4. Reformat your microSD card.
  5. Copy everything back to the card.
  6. Re-insert it to your phone and see if it can be detected.
Even if your microSD card can be read by your computer, it is not a guarantee your phone would, too.

If after doing this procedure your phone refuses to read the card, try to use a different one to see it would work. Otherwise, you may consider to have an appointment with a technician or call your provided to have the device replaced.


the 'insert a small piece of paper' worked for me. thank you! this saved my life of buying a new sd card


Yah. Thanks for this. Its work like a charm.


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