How to clear cache/cookies from Samsung Galaxy S4


One way to optimize browsing/Internet experience with your new Samsung Galaxy S4 handset is by clearing the stored cache and cookies from your device. Often times, cache and cookies amassed in your smartphone from daily use are tied to some later performance issues like a lagging device. This is why clearing cache and cookies on regular basis is highly recommended, especially if you use the Internet more often. 

Here’s how you clear cache and cookies from your Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1. Touch Apps from the home screen.

Step 2. From the Apps menu, locate and touch Internet. This action will lead you to the web.

Step 3. Once you’re already prompted with the web page (Google by default), touch the Menu button on your smartphone. A list of menu sub-items will then appear.

Step 4. Scroll down/up to Settings and touch it to continue to the next screen.

Step 5. From the Settings screen, you can see the basic settings configuration of your phone’s homepage, along with the Advanced options.

Step 6. Touch Privacy from the Advanced option to get to the Privacy settings of your device.

Step 7. Touch Delete Personal Data under Privacy screen to continue.

Step 8. From the Delete Personal Data screen, you will see the list of sub-items. Locate and select Cache as well as Cookies and Site Data.

Step 9. Touch the Done button once the two items are already selected and the boxes already have check marks.

This should instigate the clearing of all previously stored cache and cookies from your Galaxy S4 device. Other Android phones would require the use of native Android tools to clear cookies, cache and browser history.

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