How to disable Face Unlock on my Samsung Galaxy S4


The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 device will roll out with numbers of new advanced features and functions. One of these is the Face Unlock, classified as a security feature that utilizes the modern facial recognition technology instead of the customary PIN code or passwords. While such facial recognition technology feature has already been available on the forerunner Samsung Galaxy S3 devices, it is expected to be more enhanced this time given the S4′s foretold reputation.

You can always opt to either enable or disable Face Unlock feature on your S4 device if you want.

Here’s how you do it: Disable Face Unlock on Galaxy S4 procedures

#1. On the home screen, touch the Apps menu. The Apps tab containing sub-items will then appear.

#2. From the Apps tab, locate and touch Settings. Doing so will take you to the next screen containing Connections, My Device, Accounts and More tabs.

#3. Touch My Device to get you to Personalisation sub-menu items.

#4. Locate and touch Lock screen from the available items to proceed to Screen Security.

#5. Inside Screen Security, touch Screen Lock to modify the Face Unlock feature on your device.

#6. You will then be prompted with the Confirm PIN screen, in which you’ll be asked to enter a valid PIN code you assigned to your device.

#7. After you keyed your valid PIN code in, touch Continue to proceed. This will lead you to the Select Screen Lock screen, wherein you’ll have to choose which security type you want to use on your device.

#8. In this case, touch None from the given security selection since you would want to disable the feature. Selecting the None option means that you just turned OFF the screen lock function on your device this time.

As simple as that and the Face Unlock service on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is now disabled.


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