How To Enable Group Play In Samsung Galaxy S4


Another Galaxy S4 feature that you would surely enjoy if you just got your phone is Group Play. It’s unique and we’ve never seen this before from other smartphones. The thing about GS4 Group Play is that not only can users share contents with other NFC-enabled phones, owners can interact with contents being shared and changes done can be seen in real-time.

This post will guide your through enabling Samsung Galaxy S4 Group Play. The steps are straightforward, easy and safe to follow.

  1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps.
  2. Tap Group Play.
  3. A Disclaimer will pop up. Review the information and tap OK.
  4. Touch Create Group. This will turn your device into a Mobile Access Point and Wi-Fi will automatically be disabled.
  5. Tap OK to continue.
  6. Now choose the type of content you want to share with others, may it be music, pictures, documents or even play games with your friends. For this tutorial, let’s try to share music. So, choose Share Music.
  7. Check every track you want to share. You can also check the Select All check box at the top to share every track you have in your phone.
  8. Tap OK to continue.
  9. Tap OK again when the Share Music screen pops up.
  10. The files you selected will start playing. To view Settings, tap the slider at the top.
  11. You can set one device to play the left channel only and the other to play the right to provide a true surround sound experience. In this tutorial, we’ll tap Right.
  12. A window will popup showing devices set to partake in the Group Play. Choose the one you want to set to play the right channel and tap OK.
That’s it, everything is set.

We hope this tutorial is helpful enough.

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