How to enable or disable data roaming service on Apple iPad 128GB


In order to evade from having substantial roaming charges for using the Internet, email, and other relevant data services when you’re abroad, turning data roaming off is recommended. Owners of iPad 128GB who need help in disabling or enabling data roaming service on their device may refer to this tutorial we provided in this page.

DISABLE Data Roaming:

#1. On your iPad home screen, tap the Settings menu. This will prompt you with the settings menu items and options.

#2. Locate and tap Cellular Data to see whether it is on or off.

#3. Be sure to turn Cellular Data On.

#4. Under Cellular Data option, locate and tap the Enable LTE switch so as to enable the 4G connection on your device.

#5. Be sure to turn Data Roaming off. It’s located down below the Enable LTE option also among other Cellular Data items.

Now, you’ve just disabled data roaming service on your iPad device. In order to enable data roaming service once again, follow steps 1 to 4, except step 5. Instead of turning data roaming off, you do the opposite to enable the service.

Important Note before enabling Data Roaming service: Prior to using your iPad in global roaming mode, you may need to first activate your carrier’s worldwide service. If you’re not sure if this is necessary, contact your carrier’s customer support. Also, note that the global roaming service varies on network availability in a country, which means you may be able to use the service or not when abroad.

Moreover, turning Data Roaming service On in your iPad device may also denote incurring additional charges. In this regard, consult with your carrier first for current rates and charges before traveling. Do this to avoid bill shock on your return.

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