How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S2 Freezing Problem Caused By TouchWiz

There are different causes of freezing problems in Samsung Galaxy S2. Freezes and lags have always been the most common problems for this phone. Luckily, only a small percentage of users reported to have damaged devices. It means, these problems can be fixed by simple troubleshooting procedures and that’s what we’re going to present in this post.  

Here are the different causes of freezes and lags in Galaxy S2:   

Random Freezes Caused By TouchWiz 

While Samsung had a good intention of installing its proprietary interface onto Galaxy S2, it failed to impress enthusiasts simply because it has always been the primary cause of the freezes experienced by users. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, here’s how:

1.   If your phone is unresponsive, pop the back panel.
2.   Take the battery out for a moment, then re-insert.
3.   Turn the phone on.
4.   From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
5.   Choose Settings.
6.   Touch Applications Manager.
7.   Tap All tab.
8.   Scroll to and tap TW.
9.   Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. (Note that all your custom home screens will be deleted just by doing this procedure.) 

So far, this is the best way we found to resolve the freezing problems on Galaxy S2 caused by TouchWiz. If the freezing persists, consider other procedures. Maybe it’s not the TW that’s causing the problem.


I tried this and it only works temporarily. I ended up getting GO Launcher (Apex or Nova will work too) to resolve this.


What happens when I can't get beyond the home screen as the screen and all the icons are frozen? My Samsung S2 is currently useless unless I keep an unopened message/email in the notification bar.


My problem started when i activated "TALKBACK" in accessibility settings!.it made the phone unable to scroll past home screen or settings menu.I tried all the tricks remove battery etc nothing worked,untill i accidentally used TWO FINGERS to scroll with instead of one.magically i was able to scroll through settings menu again to switch "TALKBACK" off.I'm not saying this is the solution to all your touch screen probs ,but it worked for me, if you have made any recent changes in your settings menu try giving it "TWO FINGERS"then unchecking any settings boxes you think could be causing the conflict or using too much memory.


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