How to set up Samsung Account on Samsung Galaxy S4


One of the requirements for you to use Samsung services embedded into your Samsung device is a valid Samsung Account. Basically, you will be asked to sign in to your Samsung account first, in order to have access to different Samsung services including Samsung Hub, Samsung Link and WatchON. Aside from having access to multiple Samsung services, your Samsung account will also allow you to back up your personal information and have it restored to any other supported device, if necessary.

Typically, you will be asked to create a Samsung account during the initial setup of your device. In case you skipped it, you can follow this quick guide we created to help you create or sign in to your Samsung account.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Touch Menu from the Home screen of your device. You will then be prompted with a pop-up list.

Step 2: Locate and touch Settings from the pop-list items to proceed. A new screen will appear, containing Connections, My Device, Accounts and More tabs.

Step 3: Touch the Accounts tab. This will lead you the the My accounts screen.

Step 4: From the My accounts options, locate and  touch Add account.

Step 5: From the Add account options, touch Samsung account. The Samsung account screen will show up next.

Step 6: Touch the Create new account button to proceed.

Step 7: The next screen contains some void fields for you to fill up with valid information. Among the required information you need to provide include your Email, Password, Date of birth, Last Name and Zip Code. If you want to keep posted on the latest events concerning Samsung services, then you may also mark the Receive newsletter checkbox for you to get regular updates on the latest features, contents and services available for your device.

Step 8. After you input all necessary details on each field, touch the Sign Up button to proceed.

Step 9. The Terms and Conditions screen will appear afterwards. Touch/mark the checkbox before the “I accept all the terms above” once you’ve read all the terms and conditions.

Step 10. Touch the Agree button to continue.

Step 11. After you touch the Agree button, you will see the screen with your Samsung email account above the “Check for verification email” button. You need to check the verification email first so you can activate your new Samsung account. Do this by touching the button that tells you to do so.

Step 12. An information screen will then show up after you activate your Samsung account. Just touch the Confirm button to complete the process.
You will then be routed back to the Account screen after doing so, which means you now have a valid Samsung account to sign in to and have access to any Samsung service you wanted to avail of.

Important notes:
  • There is only one Samsung account supported on every email address.
  • You can also use your Facebook account to sign up for a Samsung account. Just touch Use your Facebook info to log in to your account and any matching fields will auto-populate.
Good luck!


Sadly, Samsung is not one of the choices when adding an account ( on Verizon anyway).

I just want to get rid of all the stupid Samsung account notifications! How do I do that?


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