How to transfer contacts between Windows computer and Samsung Galaxy S4

Elaborated in this tutorial are the steps on how to transfer or sync contacts locally saved on your Samsung Galaxy S4 to a computer running Windows OS. Locally, here means that contacts that are synchronized to your Galaxy S4 from online services like your Google account will not be synchronized with the computer.

In this case, you would need to use Samsung Kies to begin with.

Samsung Kies is the company’s freeware software application designed to sync Mac or Windows OS devices and the recently manufactured Samsung tablets and smartphones, including its latest flagship, Galaxy S4. The communication between the two devices is typically made possible with a USB cable connection however some devices are already capable of establishing wireless LAN Kies connectivity.

With Kies, you will be able to basically transfer files including contacts, photos, music, as well as update software and sync from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Here’s how to sync contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Windows computer:

Step 1. Download Samsung Kies.

In order to download/install Samsung Kies, visit Samsung’s official website or simply use this URL: and click on Download For Windows to commence software download.

Step 2. Install Samsung Kies software on your computer.

Step 3. Open/Run Samsung Kies application after installation is completed.

Step 4. Using the supplied USB cable, connect your Galaxy S4 to your computer.

Step 5. Once the two devices are connected, click the Sync tab. You will then see the information available for you to sync.

Step 6. Locate the checkbox for Sync contacts with option under Personal Information. You will then see a drop-down box next to Sync contacts with.

Step 7. Click on the drop box and select the application: (Outlook or Windows Contacts) you wanted to sync to your device.

Step 8. In Outlook, select All Contacts. This will allow you to sync all of the contacts in Outlook with your Galaxy S4. Otherwise, select the other option, Selected Contacts folder to sync only the available contacts in Outlook’s specific contacts folder.

Step 9. After you choose all contacts you want to sync, you will then be asked to specify the destination or syncing direction. Click the drop-down box next to Syncing Direction to set the target location.

Step 10. If you want to sync in both directions or from the device to Outlook only, just set the Outlook contacts folder where you want to save the contacts stored on your device. To set the sync function to map the Outlook category field to the group that you assigned to a contact, just mark the checkbox next to Sync the Outlook category with the contact group of the device.

Step 11. Once you’ve set the sync preferences, you may now sync your contacts by clicking the Sync button on the upper right corner of the screen.


For automatic sync, configure your device to sync automatically every time it is connected to Samsung Kies. Just be sure to:
  1. Turn on automatic sync and then click the Basic Information tab to configure some settings.
  2. Locate Auto-sync settings and check the box beside Sync automatically when device is connected. In some instances, you may be prompted with a message to allow Kies to access your contact files in Outlook. Just allow it to continue.
Other than Microsoft Outlook or Windows Address Book on Windows computers, you can also sync the contacts from your Samsung Galaxy S4 device to the Address Book on a Mac computer.

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