How to use Samsung S Translator feature on Samsung Galaxy S4


S Translator works similar to that of Google Translate, except it is built into the new Galaxy S4 handset and patented by Samsung itself. It is a handy translation tool, an application that is mostly beneficial for travelers abroad. It works by either typing or speaking the phrase you would want it to translate to or from different languages. It is also capable of reading the translated text out loud to you.

In order to use the S Translator, a data connection would be necessary though. It is because the translation process is a data-intensive process and it happens online. So, it’s either you’d pay for a data roaming plan or use a free Wi-Fi network (if there’s any) if you want to use this app when you travel overseas.

Although, you can also use this app offline as it also comes with lots of preset phrases. Among the available languages the S Translator app supports would include German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Latin America), Chinese, French and English (US and UK).

Enumerated below are the simplified steps on how to use the S Translator app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone:

Step 1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access. Otherwise, you will be asked to allow the app to connect through mobile network. Either of these is okay. Just follow the given instructions to proceed.

Step 2. Touch Apps from the Home screen to open the S Translator app.

Step 3. At the bottom and top boxes, choose a language you want to use for translation.

Step 4. Using your keyboard, enter the text you want to be translated by touching either of the two boxes. If you want to enter text using your voice, then touch either speak button located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5. You then should see the translated text displayed in both boxes. If you want to hear the translation via text-to-speech function, simply touch the Speech button.

NOTE: You may be asked to download high definition files, especially if this is the first time you use the text-to-speech function for a language.

Also, additional voice files can only be downloaded after logging in to your Samsung account.

Step 6. Proceed to the next process by touching Ok.

NOTE: If you don’t want to see the request and download files pop-up on your future requests, just mark the Do Not Show Again checkbox to skip it next time.

Step 7. Start the voice files download to your device by touching Get.

Step 8. Wait until the download is completed and then touch the Back key to continue.

Step 9. Save your translation as a favorite (recommended for future use).

Step 10. At the top of the screen, look for the star icon and touch it when you complete a translation.

Great  job! You’ve just completed your translation via S Translator on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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