Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Freezes, Device Becomes Unresponsive [How To Fix]

Recently, we received emails from our readers asking us to find solution on how to fix the Galaxy S3 when its screen freezes and becomes unresponsive. This problem is not common. While it is related to the typical freezing problems, its result is different; users couldn’t use their device because the phone becomes unresponsive.

In April, we published an article dealing with different Galaxy S3 freezing problems. If you’re currently experiencing occasional freezes, we urge you to check the post up. However, if the phone is frozen dead, read on as we have some recommendations for you.

We tried replicating the problem. The first thing we did was to run a lot of heavy apps, but to no avail. The Galaxy S3 was just too powerful that running many apps won’t result to an unresponsive freeze, though it lagged. We then tried disabling a core Android service and the phone froze for about a minute then becomes responsive again.

We bought a cheap headset, cut the wire and short-circuited the left and right headphone together with the microphone while we disabled the same Android service that caused the freeze. Viola! Our experimental Galaxy S3 froze and all buttons became unresponsive. With the problem replicated, we were able to find an effective, yet basic solution.

SOLUTION: Take The Battery Out

With the screen frozen and all buttons not executing commands, the best thing we could do was to take the battery out so the phone would be turned off. Once the Galaxy S3′s screen became black, we immediately inserted the battery and turn the phone on. It booted up normally offering the same experience and service. The problem was resolved by simply taking the battery out.

Our conclusion is that, whenever the Galaxy S3 becomes unresponsive leaving the screen frozen, it could be a mix of software and hardware problems. We are positive that when this problem persists or keeps happening more often, a Factory Reset may be required to bring the device back to the settings that work perfectly.

While we were successful in replicating the problem and found a solution to fix it, your problem may be more complicated. Do shoot us an email if this happens.


That didn't worked here. I even tries the safe mode and recovery mode after reinserting the battery and yet it is feezes on the black screen. Any other suggestions?


Taking battery out didn't work for me either!


This worked for me! Thank You!


My screen is just blinking still


Happened to me this morninf, camera wouldn't work.I use to have the same problem with my Samsung Infuse.So, was nothing new except I've only had the phone for two weeks.


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