Saving Battery Power: How to turn on Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4


Given the fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a power packed handset, battery drain issues are likely to surface in the later process. One way to preserve your handset’s battery life is to turn its Power Saving Mode function on. It is one of the built-in power saving functions entrenched into the new Samsung Galaxy S flagship. This feature will allow you to dictate when to instigate the power saving mode so as to prevent your phone from dying immediately despite frequent heavy usage.

Here’s how to turn Samsung Galaxy S4 Power Saving Mode On and preserve battery power of your handset:

Step 1. Touch Menu from the Home screen of your device.

Step 2. Locate and touch Settings on the next screen that shows up.

Step 3. Another screen containing sub-items will then appear. Locate and touch My Device this time.

Step 4. Locate and touch Power Saving Mode afterwards. This will lead you to the Power Saving Mode screen, wherein you can modify some of its settings to save some battery power.

Step 5. To see whether the power saving mode is turned on or off, check its slider. If the slider says OFF, then touch to turn it ON. (NOTE: It has to be ON in this case).

Step 6. Aside from enabling the power saving mode, you can also preserve battery life of your handset by adjusting the other power saving mode settings including CPU Power saving, Screen power saving, and Turn off haptic feedback function. Just touch each box to check and enable each of these settings.

Quick Notes about other power saving features:
  • CPU Power saving function allows you to limit the maximum performance of the CPU so as to preserve battery life of your handset.
  • Screen Power saving function enables the use of a low power level for your device’s screen. Lowering the screen’s power level will also help save battery power.
  • Turn off haptic feedback option will prevent your device from vibrating. There are certain user interface (UI) interaction that may cause your Samsung Galaxy S4 to vibrate, if the haptic feedback feature is enabled. If you really want to conserve your device’s battery power, then you might as well consider turning its vibration function off.
You can also check out some other power saving tips available on your new Galaxy S4 device, by touching the Learn about Power Saving mode text link (located in the Power saving mode screen).

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