How To Enable Emoji Emoticons On HTC One Without Rooting


There is now an easy way to enable Emoji Smilies or Emoticons on HTC One; it doesn't require rooting or any hacks to work. There are certain free apps from the Google Play Store that you can use to use Emoji on your HTC One. And since we will be using legit apps that have passed Google's meticulous checking, there is no need to worry about your phone. It's just a matter of downloading the app, installing it into your device and use it right up. This post will actually tell you what those apps are and how to download and install them into your phone.

Handcent SMS App

We've tested it with our HTC One and it works perfectly, no rooting needed.

1. Launch Google Play Store.
2. Key in 'handcent sms' on the Search Field and hit search.
3. The first result is the app you're looking, tap on it.
4. Now, download and install Handcent SMS App into your HTC One.
5. Once installation is finished, launch the app.
6. Create a New Message.
7. Tap on the lightning bolt icon just beside the text field.
8. Tap Smiley, then choose Emoji.
9. You will be brought to the Play Store page of Handcent Emoji plugin.
10. Install the emoji plugin.
11. Now create a new message and repeat steps 7 and 8.

You can now add emoji emoticon in your messages using your HTC One.

Go SMS App

Another good app to use is Go SMS, which comes with an emoji plugin you could also download from the Play Store. Here's how to use or enable emoji using Go SMS:

1. Launch Play Store and search for 'go sms pro'.
2. Download the install the app.
3. Launch the app once installation is finished.
4. Now create a new message.
5. Tap on the smiley icon, which you could find beneath the text field. woul
6. On the next screen, you would be able to see smilies. Of the five icons, tap the one in the middle.
7. Now download the emoji plugin.
8. Once finished, create a new message and you can now insert emoji emoticon.

Chomp SMS App

This app also comes with an emoji plugin that could be downloaded from the Play Store. Chomp SMS app is one of the most popular messaging apps as far as use of emoji is concerned. Here's how you enable it on your HTC One:

1. Launch the Play Store app and search for 'chomp sms'.
2. Install the app on your phone.
3. Launch Chomp SMS.
4. Create a new message.
5. To bring app smilies window, tap on the plus (+) icon.
6. You would see 8 icons at the bottom of the screen, tap any one from the 3rd icon to the 7th.
7. One the next window, you would be instructed to download the emoji plugin.
8. Tap Download and choose Play Store.
9. Once the plugin has been downloaded, you can now insert emoji in your messages with your HTC One.

We've tested each of these app and they work on our device. We don't, however, guarantee that they'd work on your device as well. But since these apps passed Google's meticulous guidelines, there is a 90% probability they'd work.

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